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         President's Message


Greetings fellow LBA members and prospective members! 

It is hard to believe we are a few short months away from 2020, which back in my youth was an extremely futuristic year - houses would be white and onion shaped resting on pillars that reached to the sky, moving sidewalks would be the norm everywhere and we would speak to computers as we entered are homes.  Well, the onion houses and ubiquitous moving sidewalks didn’t happen, but computers sure have taken charge of our lives – especially in the legal profession!  Still, one thing remains the same; a desire for us lawyers to connect personally, face to face, without an intervening digital device.

The Lakeland Bar Association, the largest and oldest bar association in Polk County, stands ready to service this need for verbal interaction and act as a sanctuary for all willing to join.

The year ahead will be exciting! To kick it off, we have once again reserved our first luncheon for the sole purpose of mingling and collegial conversation.  The September luncheon won’t have a speaker and we have encouraged our board to seek out new members at the luncheon so nobody will have to worry about not having anyone to speak with.  Besides, who ever sat at a table with a bunch of attorneys who didn’t want to talk?

October’s luncheon will feature Sherriff Grady Judd as our guest speaker and for those who have never heard our sherriff speak outside of t.v. interviews, you are in for quite a treat!  A holiday party is planned for December and we expect a great turnout once again.  Early next year, Art Fulmer will ensure that our annual charity golf tournament goes smoothly and we will have a second bash planned for shortly thereafter.

To those who have never joined and to those who have joined in the past but didn’t renew, please come to our September luncheon and see what it’s all about.  Unless you are brand new to the area, I’m sure you’ll run into familiar faces and old friends.  For those who are new to the area, please feel free to contact me and I’ll ensure a hearty welcome at our first meeting. 

Here’s looking forward to a great year ahead!

Don Conway

President 2019-2020

Contact us at (863) 225-3858                                 Email us at lakelandbarassoc@tampabay.rr.com

PO Box 2883 Lakeland, FL 33806

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