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Dear Fellow LBA  Members,


      Our nation is in a state of crisis due to the coronavirus.  As I write this, nearly one-quarter of all Americans have been asked to self-quarantine in their homes.  California, New York and other states are in a lock-down status. This is a truly unbelievable situation. It seems surreal that only ten days ago we were at a pre-St Patrick’s Day bench bar party, “Green Beer and Blue Grass”, which was, I’m happy to say, a resounding success.  We were of a hopeful mind that the entire bizarre situation would quickly blow through like so many viruses before and life would go back to normal.  We understood how bad it was in China, South Korea and Japan, but Asia is far away from our shores.  Then the horror stories from Italy started rolling in on the nightly news and the paradigm shifted. Just a few days before our March 13 soiree, the federal government requested all gatherings be limited to 250 people or less.  In the week after, that number dwindled to 50 then plummeted to 10. Next, our government encouraged us all to just stay home. Most beaches have shut down, public and private schools have closed for the semester, students are struggling to make the switch to virtual learning, restaurants have shuttered except for take-out and delivery and theme parks have “temporarily” closed – most optimistically plan opening on the first of April.  This may be the worst April fool’s joke ever.  The bad news goes on and on.  We’re in a sad state of affairs.

LBA’s annual Judicial Assistant’s luncheon was another casualty of the virus (our deepest apologies to our hard working JAs!) and we are in a wait-and-see mode as to our May Law-Day luncheon.  Fingers crossed!


      As many of us, including yours truly are now working from home, perhaps there is a silver lining in this mess - we have the opportunity to bond with our families and it just seems right to reach out to old friends whom may have wandered off our radar over the years.  Plus, we now know that all those apocalyptic movies got it wrong – if there’s a riot scene in the movie, people should be shown running into stores and grabbing toilet paper, not t.v.’s,!  Who would have  imagined humble t.p. would ever become such a big deal?  My neighbors are asking each other to speak out if they strike the mother lode and find a store carrying it.  Another strange outcome of our corona days is that the state government is allowing food delivery orders to be accompanied by an alcoholic beverage.  Amazing!


      I know I can speak for the entire LBA board when I say our hopes and prayers go out to all of you and your families.  This too shall pass we will get to the other side a stronger country for having endured it. 



Don Conway        Lakeland Bar Association President 2019-2020

Don Conway

President 2019-2020

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